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Twitter Set to Allow Google & Yahoo to Mine Data

Tech bloggers are nervous at the prospect of Google and Microsoft gaining real time access to the thoughts of Twitterers, but it's pretty apparent that Twitter has already been licensing the data to certain smaller startups all along. Twitter is in "advanced talks" with both Google and Yahoo. This feed would probably include all new tweets, as they are published together with public data on the favorites and a list of follwers.

Twitter however is already in the business of selling access to your public data. Twitter normally charges $ 1,500 to $ 3,000 per month for such access, sometimes for a limited subset. But always to a smaller startup and not the likes of Google or Yahoo.

The injection of millions in new revenue and possible exposure by Google and Bing gives Twitter hope for a new rise in growth both in revenue and users as things have really slowed down since the summer.

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