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Typhoon Conson Slams Phillipines, Heads Toward China

Typhoon Conson slams the Philippines and heads toward China.  Reports from Manila, Philippines state that the first typhoon of the 2010 season disrupted power lines and killed at least 26 people on Wednesday, July 14, 2010.  Thirty eight people, including many fisherman caught at sea, went missing as a result of high winds, flooding, and torrential rain.

Conson quickly changed course and cancelled many flights, shut down schools, and closed governmental offices throughout the northern island of Luzon.  Officials report many residents in Manila stood in two feet of water. President Benigno Aquino III held a National Disater Coordinating Council meeting and chastized the weather bureau for not predicting the storm.  Aquino stated "this is unacceptable.  I hope this is the last time we are all brought to areas different from where we should be."  Prisco Nilo, chief of the weather bureau, claimed that inadequate funding and equipment prevented forecasters from warning citizens and officials of the storm.  

Conson is expected to reach the shores of China by Sunday, July 18 2010 by traveling accross the South China Sea and landing just west of Macau.


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