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Ufc 115's Best Fight Between Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin

UFC 115's best fight between Chuck Liddell and Rich Franklin on Saturday, June 12, 2010.  The Pay Per View broadcasting live from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada fight drew a huge crowd from ring side to armchair compliments of television.  

All eyes were on Liddell's return to the ring after a nearly year long hiatus, Liddell fought Rich Franklin and suffered a TKO (total knock out) just minutes into the first round.  Hours later, UFC President Dana White stated that Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell will not fight again.  In a post fight interview, White stated: "I hope Churck agress that he is done.  We had talked about it previously and I am sure that Chuck is going to agree with me and that is his last fight.  Chuck and Frankline fought the type of fights that made them famous.  Everyone, including Franklin's camp knew that Chuck was going to come in to knock Franklin out, so it was the exact type of fight I thought it was going to be."

When the question of why Liddell entered the ring, after all of the time off, White responded that "The Iceman:" "completely changed his lifestyle and got extremely healthy so I had to give him a second chance.  Chuck means a lot to the sport and to me personally.  Chuck would be on the road with me day in and day out.  He is a great business partner and friend.  He will always have a home here in the UFC.  Before the UFC I was managing Chuck and he was only making $2,500 a fight.  He was part of the UFC dream.  He went out like Chuck would.  It was a good last fight."

Liddell managed to get in a few great MMA moves before the TKO.  Liddell broke Franklin's left arm with a good kick but ultimately, Franklin won the much touted fight against Liddell.

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