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British U.F.O. Reports Declassified

Previously unreleased reports of UFO sightings as told to the police, military and various governments around the globe have been released. The formerly classified 6,000 page document, recounts eyewitness' testimony from 1994 from 2000. Nick Pope, former administrator of the British Government's UFO project calls the document as "the real-life X-Files".

Witnesses have seen various unidentified space objects in many locations. Those who have encountered UFO's can describe in detail various foreign aircraft/s and unusual events. Some describe UFO's as flying "toblerone shaped," "hovering," "blue triangle" shaped, and some have had first hand experience with UFO's. A British man claimed to have gotten "physically sick" and encountered "a skin condition" when he was driving and his car was surrounded by a "tube of light."
The most convincing of all of the reports comes from two Baltimore area police officers. Their report of a UFO was caught on film, backed by an "unidentifiable Blip" on RAF defense radar, and backed by the coastguard. The officers reported the U.F.O. sighting, the coastguard activated ships on the North Sea, and the crew confirmed "seeing more U.F.O.'s."

Researchers have been studying the link between reported UFO descriptions over the last 50 years and UFO "portrayals on television." They have found a relationship between the two but eyewitness, first hand experiences speaks far louder than any scientist/s.

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