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Ultra Pure Heroin From Mexico Deadliest Drug in America

Ultra pure heroin from Mexico is the deadliest drug in America. An increasing amount of cheap and ultra pure heroin is flooding the U.S. illegal drug market and claiming the lives of teenagers, adults, and even parents across the U.S. Authorities believe the majority of the heroin is being smuggled from Mexico into Southwestern states and killing users at an alarming rate.

An anonymous DEA agent in El Paso, Texas has been involved in an ongoing investigation into the deadliest form of heroin identified as "black tar." The agent stated that independent drug smugglers from Mexico have cornered the U.S. heroin market because major Mexican drug cartels concentrate on marijuana and Columbian cocaine. The DEA agent also stated that heroin related deaths are significantly on the rise though difficult to confirm because of the bodies' ability to quickly metabolize the drug. Often heroin overdose related deaths require additional evidence in the form of a needle, syringe, or other paraphernalia to accurately pinpoint an overdose.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that the number of drug related deaths is horribly undercounted. Since 2000, approximately 2,000 people nationwide have been confirmed to have died due to heroin overdoses. The number of heroin related deaths rose to 3,000 as of 2009 throughout all 50 states, at an astounding 18.2 percent increase from 2007 to 2008. Law enforcement agencies have seen the number of heroin seizures quadruple in recent years along the U.S. and Mexican border. The "black tar" form of heroin is the purest form available to users and relatively inexpensive. To ensure return customers, dealers sell the highly addictive drug for $10 dollars per bag and inadvertently killing people unaware of how deadly the purest forms of heroin are.

Karen Gunson, an Oregon state Medical Examiner reports that the state had over 131 heroin related deaths last year. Gunson stated that users had no idea the risks involved in heroin "we're seeing it sometimes 80 percent pure. There's no FDA approval on this stuff. If you're using it every day, your chances grow and grow that it's going to kill you."

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