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University of Buffalo Locks Down Library and Searches for Possible Shooter

The University of Buffalo evacuated Lockwood Memorial Library this afternoon upon receiving a call that a person was seen possibly toting a gun. The person of interest entered the suburban Amherst, New York, library and officials have locked down the campus. A call was made around 4:30 this afternoon and the University responded quickly. Eyewitness Claire Kerstein, a Freshman, said a librarian hastily and inexplicably "ordered everyone out." Kerstein was on the way to the ground floor of the building to attend English class. Lockwood Memorial library has six floors. Spokesman Joe Brennan reported that campus security is combing the library and viewing surveillence video in an attempt to find the possible shooter.

The campus' website states "The safety of our students, faculty and staff remains our primary concern. The university's campus alert and emergency response was enacted quickly and appropriately. The university will continue to provide information to students, faculty, staff and the public on its web site, as well as through email and text messaging."
Classes at the University were canceled this evening.

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