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Unknown Species Identified as Ancestor to Human and Apes

An unknown species has been identified as ancestors to humans and apes. A two million year old fossil of an 8 to 13 year old male was found in a subterranean South African cave system. The fossil has been identified as Australopithecus sediba and was near a fossil of a 30 year old female. The fossil was described as "well preserved." A study led by Lee Berger of Witwatersrand Johannesburg has determined that this fossil may be the missing species in the evolutionary link between humans and apes. Berger said to National Geographic "It's the opinion of my colleagues and I that [A. sediba] may very well be the Rosetta stone that unlocks our understanding of the genus Homo." Berger maintained the transitional species Australopithecus sediba links the apelike australopithecines to the first ancestors of humans.

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