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U.S Ambassador to Iraq Narrowly Escapes Bomb Attack

Christopher Hill, the U.S. ambassador to Baghdad narrowly escaped a bomb attack near his convoy in southern Iraq yesterday, as reported by the U.S. embassy in Iraq. The attack happened yesterday in Nassriyah, the capital city of Iraq's southern Dhi Qar province, where Hill was on a visit.

The U.S. embassy spokeswoman said, " An explosive device detonated near a convoy carrying U.S. embassy personnel, including the ambassador ".

"No personnel were hurt and an investigation into the incident is underway," she said.

Although there has been a significant drop in explosions and bomb attacks across Iraq in the past 2 years, violence continues to be a part of the everyday life there. The recent start of the pullout of U.S troops from Baghdad and other parts of Iraq have given a chance to extremists to bounce back, some analysts believe.

According to an Iraqi police source, the convoy was attacked at Talil airbase near Nassriyah in the Dhi Qar province.

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