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USPS May Be Forced to Cut Back on Mail Delivery

Postmaster General John E. Potter has told a U.S. senate subcommittee that he is in favor of cutting back mail delivery in the country by one full day. Under federal law, the post office must deliver the mail to every address in the country, six days a week.

The current recession that has gripped the U.S. and countries around the world is to blame, and Potter points to the fact that mail volume dropped by 4.5 percent in 2008. That figure works out to 9 billion pieces of mail.

Potter went on to tell the subcommittee that the post office may lose $6 billion in the 2009 fiscal year. If that happens, the figure will exceed the post office's credit limit under the law.

Cutting back to a five-day-a-week schedule is not the only option available to the USPS. The postal service could also look at continuing to deliver mail six days a week to high-volume areas, but cut back to a five-day schedule in rural areas.

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