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Vancouver Olympics Medal Count for Day 5

Day 5 of the Vancouver Olympics proved to be successful for Germany, who takes the lead in gold for the day. Here are the results of the latest medal count:
Gold Silver Bronze Total
1. Germany 3 4 2 9
2. U.S. 2 2 4 8
3. France 2 1 4 7

The weather has taken a toll on the schedule of competitions with many events being postponed until later dates but the public interest the Vancouver Olympics has not been affected. NBC's coverage of the events as well as internet live stream of specific competitions have increased the global audience. The tragic death of U.S. luge team mate, Nodar Kumaritashvili, overshadowed the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games. Olympic officials responded to the Georgian Luger's death by altering the track in an attempt to decrease speed on the track and prevent others the same fate.

The Games will only continue to draw attention when results of speed racing and hockey are determined.

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