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Vantage Motorworks Best U.S. Restoration Firm

Vantage Motorworks is esteemed as the United States' best restoration companies. President Richard Gorman had aspirations to be a car mechanic since age three. He and his younger brother used to pretend to work on the world's finest cars while were playing. Gorman's dedication and love for classic cars has paved the road for successful restorations for vintage vehicles, including Rolls Royce and Bentley.

Gorman employees 30 wood workers, upholsterers and trim and body work experts on a 14 building compound in North Miami, Florida. Gorman trains all of his employees through an intensive apprenticeship program. His company offers custom made parts that are no longer available for purchase and his employees have the ability to make them. In such cases, restorations can take over a year.

Gorman's company provides service for a global market. His clients even include celebrities like: Jay Leno, Elizabeth Taylor, Iggy Pop, Nicholas Cage, Jay Z and various CEOs and heads of state.

Office manager Lorraine Hofheinz furthers: "We had one man send his car from Hong Kong just to get the brakes fixed. The customers come from so far because they say you can tell a Vantage car when you see one."

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