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VH1 Unveils "Mafia Wives"

VH1 unveils a new reality series based upon the lives of "Mafia Wives." The Weinstein Company and Ben Siverman's Electus have collaborated with VH1 to produce ten episodes of the show later this month for it's March 2011 debut. The series will focus upon the lives of four women surviving while their husbands or fathers are behind bars for "Mob related activities."

Silverman offered to Daily Variety details of the new show. Silverman stated: "TV is a character-based medium, and the women featured inside this show are so dynamic and interesting. Clearly it's the world of 'The Sopranos' coming to live in a reality environment."

Jennifer Graziano will act as the executive producer with Left/Right Productions handling daily operations on the show. Graziano's previous accomplishments include acting as director of consumer lifestyle marketing at MWW Group, work as a music industry manager, and CEO of Bounce Marketing.

Expect drama, big hair, and lavish luxuries as Mafia Wives take over VH1!

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