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VP Biden Contributes Humor to Health Care Summit

Vice President Joe Biden contributed humor at Thursday's Health Care Summit at the Blair House. CSPAN's cameras followed Biden during the afternoon session of the summit. CSPAN also recorded a conversation he had with one of the participants and reported:

"It's easy being vice president — you don't have to do anything." Asserted Biden.

"It's like being the grandpa and not the parent." Replied the undisclosed participant.

"Yeah, that's it!" Biden chimed.

Jay Carney, Biden's representative, spoke to POLITICO, and said Biden was "obviously joking, as any review of his schedule and responsibilities would make abundantly clear. In the last month, the vice president has, among many other things, made his fourth trip to Iraq since being elected, delivered a major speech on the administration’s non-proliferation agenda, produced a report on the Recovery Act’s first year to the president and played a key role in bringing about the president’s bi-partisan Fiscal Commission. In the coming days and weeks, the vice president will deliver a first-year report from the Middle Class Task Force, which he chairs, and travel to the Middle East to meet with key leaders in the region.”

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