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Watch: Amazing Race Watermelon in the Face Video

The Amazing Race watermelon in the face video... it's what you get when you combine a giant slingshot, a suit of armor, and a watermelon.

Things go terribly wrong during this Amazing Race challenge, where one of the teammates must launch a melon at a suit of armor. She loads up, pulls back, and... bam! In the kisser.

Naturally, you can relive the Amazing Race watermelon slingshot accident over and over in the video clip, with slow motion to show the whole thing unfold.

It's amazing that the contestant didn't suffer any injuries, considering the momentum of that melon into her face.

Naturally, since there's money on the line, her sympathetic team mate tells her "you have to finish."

The Amazing Race season premiere airs September 26.

Source: TV Crunch

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