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Wayne Newton Parks His Jet on His Lawn

Wayne Newton has finally made it happen. Procuring the 2 million dollars jet he previously abandoned at a Detroit Airport three years ago, Wayne Newton has made it park in his backyard. No kidding. As per the statement of the employees of the Oakland International Airport, Wayne Newton has finally been able to pay off the jet’s storage fees- that were sky-high- and then had the aircraft shipped to his Las Vegas world-famous Casa de Shenandoah Estate.

Wayne Newton left the plane at the airport years ago because the repairs required for the aircraft’s maintenance were too hefty at that point in time and Wayne Newton did not want to waste any money on the jet back then. In order for the plane to be carried to the spectacular back yard of Wayne Newton’s estate, it has to be disassembled on its long flight from Michigan to Nevada.

It seems like Wayne Newton is putting an end to all loose ties as this is the second installment of the sorts. Previously Wayne Newton paid his former pilot a summing exceeding $500,000 to settle a long overdue debt.

Wayne Newton now enjoys his very own private jet sitting prettily in his back yard for everyone to see and admire.

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