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West Virginia Mine Rescue Efforts Ending, Funerals Begin

The West Virginia mining site rescue efforts are ending and funerals for the 25 victims have begun. The mine, named Upper Big Branch and located in Montcoal, West Virginia is owned by Massey Energy. Massey energy has numerous citations for safety violations and own the Montcoal mine which is the site of the deadliest mining tragedy since 1984. Twenty five of the 31 people within the mine were killed by an explosion from deep inside of the mine Monday. Rescue attempts have been postponed on several occasions when because conditions within the mine threatened safety since the initial explosion. Rescuers have gone to 1,000 ft below the earth's surface, 5 miles into on of the nation's largest coal mines, in attempt to recover the missing.

West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin told reporters Friday that rescue attempts are drawing to a close despite the 4 missing miners trapped inside. Workers are pumping fire retarding nitrogen gas into holes drilled from the surface in an attempt to reach a second safety chamber after finding the first of such chambers empty of survivors. Rescuers plan on lowering a video camera into the holes to check for the missing men. The the safety chambers contain provisions of food, water, and oxygen for trapped minors with reserves enough to supply four days of survival provisions.

Only seven of the 18 bodies found have been recovered. President Barak Obama announced Thursday plans for the federal mining safety regulators from the Mine Safety and Health Administration to investigate the cause of the explosion. A report is expected to be presented next week.

Funerals for the 25 victims began Friday with 300 mourners attending the Mullens Worship Center in West Virginia to pay their respects.

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