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White Couple Refuses to Sell House to Black Comedian George Willborn

Comedian and Chicago Native George Willborn along with his wife, Peytyn, chose a beautiful house to make their home and offered a whopping $1.7 million for it. Based on racial discrimination, since the George Willborn and Peytyn couple is black, the white Chicago owners of the house refused to sell. Daniel and Adrienne Sabbia are the white Chicago locals who owned the house George Willborn wanted to purchase.
Initially the Sabbias accepted the offer but afterwards refused to sell to an African-American, as the HUD investigation put it.
In these tough times, it’s considered extremely fortunate if somebody offers that much money for real estate but apparently racial discrimination tops everything.
George Willborn and Peytyn also accused the white couple’s agent, Jeffrey Lowe, of racial discrimination. In legal words, both the Sabbias and their real estate agent violated the Fair Housing Act by not following through on a commitment. The complaint remains filed with the HUD judges in Chicago.
The most pathetic part in the story comes when you get to know that the house was on the market for almost two years and nobody wanted to buy it. It is terrible how the blacks continue to face racial discrimination and unfair treatment, to date.

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