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Who Is Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson is a 24 year old who claims to be Michael Jackson's illigit son. His mother supposedly worked with Jackson at a fashion company although these claims appear suspicious. No word on how or if he will get a DNA test to back up his claim. He currently attends a special needs college at an undisclosed location.

"Malachi has been told his entire life that he is Michael Jackson's son. His primary goal is to have closure on whether or not Michael was his father, and he wants a DNA test to prove it. Malachi's primary motivation isn't money," Grim said.

Malachi, who turn twenty-five in September, is currently enrolled in what Grim calls "a special needs college at an undisclosed location." Grim says that Malachi's mother, Zerline Lavette Dixon had trouble with drugs so Malachi's grandmother raised him.

"Malachi looks exactly like Michael Jackson," Grim added. "I'm seeking a DNA test and I'm very concerned that it be reliable and that no one slips in DNA from a stranger. Malachi never met Michael, from what I understand Michael was very private about his personal life." ` Via Radar Online

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