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Whoopi Goldberg on Mel Gibson: "He's Not a Racist"

The ladies of The View discussed Mel Gibson's newest angry audio recording making the rounds today, and Whoopi believes that Gibson is not a racist, as she knows the man well enough to tell.

During a discussion of Mel Gibson's recorded rant, Whoopi says, "I know Mel, and I know he's not a racist. He may be a bonehead."

Joy Behar, however, was not on the same page as Goldberg: "Give me a break, you're an anti-Semite, you're a misogynist, and you're a racist!" Behar said of Gibson.

Meanwhile, the question of Mel Gibson's career in light of the released audio tapes is ripe for discussion. In this Good Morning America video clip, there's talk of what's to come with Gibson's upcoming film, "The Beaver," directed by Jodie Foster. Mel Gibson has also been dropped by William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, making some wonder if his movie career is over.

Source: TV Crunch

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