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Wikileaks' Assange Vows Release of 'Doomsday Cache' Upon Arrest

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is wanted for questioning by a international warrant issued by Swedish authorities and the Interpol. Assange has vowed to release a "doomsday cache" of uncensored documents upon his arrest which may threaten the American government, international foreign relations, and banking institutions worldwide.

The "insurance" files encrypted to various sources across the Internet by Assange supposedly contain information regarding the BP oil spill, Guantanamo Bay military activities, documents from the Bank of America, aerial photos of a U.S. air strike in Afghanistan which killed several civilians.

Assange has promised to publish the 1.4 gigabyte "doomsday cache" if Wikileaks is permanently shut down or if he is detained in police custody. Assange issued a statement which read: "We have over a long period of time distributed encrypted backups of material we have yet to release. All we have to do is release the password to that material, and it is instantly available."

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