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Wikileak's Julian Assange Lawyer Responds to U.S. Investigation on Al Jazeera TV

Last week, the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holden, issued an ominous statement regarding the imprisoned Wikileaks leader Julian Assange. Holder warned: "We have a very serious criminal investigation that's underway, and we're looking at all of the things that we can do to try to stem the flow of this information."

Last night on Al Jazeera television with host Sir David Frost, Assange's lawyer addressed the U.S. investigation. Assange has retained Eric Holder as his legal representative in the sexual misconduct case. During the Al Jazeera interview, asserted: "We have heard from the Swedish authorities there has been a secretly empaneled grand jury in Alexandria [Virgina]... just over the river from Washington, DC, next to the Pentagon. They are currently investigating this, and indeed the Swedes we understand have said that if he [Assange] comes to Sweden, they will defer their interest in him to the Americans. Now that shows some level of collusion and embarassment, so it does seem to me what we have here is nothing more than holding ultimately, they can get their mitts on him."

Holder furthered that even if Sweden extradites Assange, it could be a seven year process, during which Assange could attempt to get bail.

To see the interview, go here.

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