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Windows Phone 7 Series Preview

Windows Phone 7 Series mobile device was previewed by Microsoft Tuesday though the phone will not be available for purchase for months. The Windows Phone 7 won't hit store shelves until later this year, but Microsoft allowed the public a glimpse of the device at its MIX10 Conference for web designers and developers. With the preview, Microsoft attempts to appeal to smartphone, Android, and Blackberry users.

The Windows Phone 7 has fantastic new features. Microsoft's new mobile includes space for more social networking as well as various apps. The phone is compatible with XBOX, Microsoft Office, and live web access like Hotmail and Windows Live. Microsoft focused on ease of use with the new Windows Phone 7. It has 3 buttons - Home, Search, and Back - to manage to provide users with the simplest interface. All handsets will have a "capacitive touch and multitouch capabilities" including cameras, microphones, and "push notification" to enable chat messages while running other programs.

Microsoft will open a new Windows Phone Marketplace, the only place to buy apps for your Windows Phone. All apps will have to have Microsoft's preapproval to be available for purchase, much like it's Apple competitor. Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace will have a slight advantage. It will allow a "try before you buy" option. "Comprehensive tools" will allow developers to create mobile applications for the price of $99 per year. Developers will only be allowed a maximum of 5 applications to offer through the use of Silverlight "runtime environment."

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