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Woman Ignores "Don't Feed Bears" at Ws. Zoo, Loses Fingers

A forty seven year old grandmother ignored the "Don't feed Bears" sign at a Wisconsin Zoo and ended up losing her fingers.

Authorities at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, approximately 80 miles North of Milwaukee, reported the incident occurred Friday morning. Police say that the woman, accompanied by her three year old granddaughter and boyfriend, disregarded safety barriers and warnings and fed
one of two Asiatic black bears in an enclosure. Police reported that one of the bears bit the woman's thumb and forefinger entirely off and left two of her fingers partially severed. The woman's boyfriend was also bitten after a failed attempt to unlock the bears' jaw. He did not reportedly lose any fingers in the process. The woman's granddaughter was completely unharmed physically though the emotional scars may last a lifetime.

The mayor's office reported that alcohol was a factor in the woman's ignorant disregard of the Zoo's safety measures. Neither of the bears were euthanized as a result of the incident.

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