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Workplace Violence at the Center of Annie Le Murder

WorkPlace Violence appears to be at the center of the Annie Le Murder Investigation, and impending trial of Ray Clark. He appears to be obsessed with cleanliness, and apparently had an issue with how Annie Le was treating the mice in the lab.

But did cleanliness, and his drive for perfection push him to kill this girl, or was their something else at play? I don't know nor do the experts, only he has the answers. Workplace Violence all of a sudden became a core issue, not only in this murder investigation, but in our everyday lives. This could happen to any of us. Workplace safety is a mirage waiting to fade away.

"The news that that a young Yale scientist was strangled before being stuffed
into a wall, and that a lab technician obsessed with cleanliness is allegedly
responsible for the killing, raises profound questions regarding workplace
safety and professional responsibility. "

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