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World Record Brown Trout

I"m a huge lover of the sport of fishing. And this week has been massive. It appears that the world record brown trout has been snagged in Michigan. I can't even imagine seeing a 41 pound brown. That's massive. It must have been eating small children that fall into the Great Lakes.

world record brown trout

"An angler has landed the heaviest brown trout on record in Michigan.

The Ludington Daily News says Tom Healy of Rockford caught the 41-pound, 7 1/4-ounce trout Wednesday from a boat in the Manistee River.

Department of Natural Resources biologists have weighed the fish and confirm its type. The previous state record for brown trout was a 36-pound, 13-ounce specimen caught in Frankfort in 2007.

The Daily News says the catch might have broken a world record. Presently, that distinction belongs to a 40-pound, 4-ounce brown trout caught in 1992 on the Little Red River in Arkansas. " via ChicagoTrib

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