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World's Biggest Breasts on Shelya Hershey Getting Reduced

The World's Biggest Breasts on Sheyla Hershey, are getting reduced.  Hershey, a Houston, Texas resident and native of Brazil, underwent 30 plastic surgeries to at one time possess massive 38MMM breasts.  Hershey is now having not only the implants removed, but perhaps both of her breasts.  During the last breast enhancement procedure in Brazil (where plastic surgery is less regulated), Hershey had a slight breast reduction to a size 38 KKK cup but suffered a severe staph infection.  The staph infection forced Hershey to face her plastic surgery addiction and realize that her two small children, a son and a daughter, need her far more than her vain attempts at procuring bragging rights to the world's largest breasts.

In an interview with FOX News, Hersey states that the 30 surgeries were nothing compared to the value of her health.  Hershey stated "I realize that after this problem I'm going through, it wasn't worth it."

To see the interview: Huffington Post

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