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Wwe Wrestler Lance Cade Dies at 29

 It is with extreme grief that Wrestling Observer reported the death of 29 years old Lance Cade. Lance Cade was the former WWE Wrestler who died because of heart failure. The real name of the wrestler was Lance McNaught. Found dead this morning in his house, the player had achieved a lot in the young professional career he had in the wrestling arena.

Lance Cade joined the WWE back in 2000 and signed on a good deal with them while ran through to the year 2008. In between, he had some awesome time with Trevor Murdoch. Being a protégé of Chris Jericho also greatly helped the image of Lance Cade and made his name high profile.  The contract with WWE ended in 2008.the major reason behind the release of Lance Cade from the contract was an incident on a plane where he was discovered to have taken a lot of painkillers and had a seizure.

Lance Cade was open about his struggle with sleeping pills and frequently talked about his problem in interviews. He was involved in some independent contracts in Japan over the past year.

Lance Cade was professionally trained in the academy of WWE superstar Shawn Michaels in the late 1990’s in San Antonio.

Lance Cade leaves behind two young daughters. May his soul rest in peace.


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