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Zac and Shelly Brown Expecting Baby #5

Great news for country singer Zac Brown and his wife Shelly: they're expecting baby #5. And after four girls, daughters Justice, age 6, Lucy, age 5, Georgia, age 4, and Joni, age 2, the family has no desire whatsoever to stop trying for a son!

The couple's rep offered a statement to PEOPLE regarding the newest addition to the Brown family as they all prepare for his or her debut in the beginning of 2014. The rep offere: "We're excited to share the news that Zac and Shelly are expecting a new baby in early 2014. This will be the couple's fifth child..."

Just two years ago when the family welcomed baby Joni to the clan, Brown (who has 11 siblings) offered: "We're just gonna keep on going until we get a boy. If that's 13, then I doubt I'm gonna be able to pull that off, but we'll see."

We're sure that Zac's upcoming venture in the form of an album slated to be produced by Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl will help finance the large family Zac intends to raise. Multiple sources confirmed to Hitfix that Zac got his wish to work with the Nirvana rocker who, per an interview in The Country Vibe stated "I want to work with Dave Grohl. Dave Grohl is one of our musical heroes as a band and he said that he would be interested in doing that too." The album will be a follow up to the Grammy winning 2012 album "Uncaged."

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