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Northeastern University Online

Northeastern University is an experiential research university founded in 1898. It was recently named one of the 25 Best Online Colleges in America.

Northeastern University is comprised of the Bouve College of Health Sciences; College of Arts, Media and Design; College of Business Administration; College of Computer and Information Science; College of Engineering; College of Professional Studies; College of Science; College of Social Science and Humanities; and the School of Law. It is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Offering the flexibility and convenience of online and blended courses, the Northeastern University Online allows students to earn a degree without the need to attend on-site classes at the physical campus. For admission to any online, hybrid or blended course, prospective students need to register at the College of Professional Studies. There are about 65 online degrees as well as professional certificates. The diploma given to online graduates is the same as that given to on-site graduates.

Applications for admissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Applicants are advised to complete the admissions process at least one month before the start of the academic term. Deadline for submission of application is set two weeks before the start of the said term.

Tuition rate for online graduate study is $ 524.00 per quarter hour. The due date for full payment of tuition and other related charges is on the Saturday at the end of the first week of class. Financial aid options information can be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Services. Various scholarship opportunities are provided by the university to its students through the generosity of its alumni and other donors. The amount of financial aid to be received can only be up to the cost of attendance. Student reviews reveal that teacher availability for the purpose of helping out students in their academic goal is exceptional.

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