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For students seeking a faith-based college experience, Christian universities offer an education emphasizing religious principles and personal growth along with academic success. Religiously affiliated schools have long been popular among students of various denominations, both for their Christianity-centered approach to learning and for their often more traditional curricula. While there are many Christian colleges across the country, they are of course not as numerous as secular-based universities, which may leave some interested students feeling as though they are without any faith-centered educational options in their location. Such students will be pleased to discover's recently released listing of the top 10 best online Christian colleges. This ranking list presents distance-based degree programs from some of the best-known Christian colleges and universities, streamlining the school search for adult students who want more than just a diploma out of their college career. strives to feature a diverse range of educational options in its ranking list, with degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level included. The list mentions academic programs in business, liberal arts, healthcare and education, in addition to online seminary studies for prospective students of theology. highlights colleges and universities of various Christian denominations. Some schools are more strictly denominational, while others welcome students of all faiths and beliefs. Above all, each of the schools listed is committed to providing the same level of education to online learners as to traditional on-campus students.

In perusing's ranking list, potential students will find that the need for online study is no obstacle to a quality education. Many of the schools on the list are nationally or regionally ranked colleges, with a number of them rated highly by such publications as the U.S. News and World Report and Forbes Magazine. Each merges comprehensive coursework with flexible scheduling and online delivery. Some schools offer entirely distance-based curricula, while others offer hybrid degrees blending online work with on-campus classes, so students can choose the learning style that best suits their needs and goals.

1. Colorado Christian University – Cost: $427.00 per credit
An inter-denominational school, Colorado Christian University offers online programs at the associate, bachelor’s and master’s level. Possible areas of study include biblical studies, business administration, organization management and education.

2. Saint Leo University – Cost: $470.00 per credit
Degree Name: Ranked as one of the top regional universities in the South, Saint Leo University offers online degree options in business, liberal arts, social services and education. Saint Leo University is one of the largest Catholic universities in the country.

3. Benedictine University – Cost: $375.00 per credit baccalaureate tuition; $515.00 to $540.00 graduate tuition; $820.00 per credit doctoral tuition
Students at any stage of their academic careers can find online learning options at Benedictine University, a private Catholic university offering degrees at the associate level, the doctoral level and everything in between.

4. George Fox University – Cost: $385.00 to $460.00 per credit
George Fox University has been rated among the top Christian colleges in the country by Forbes Magazine, and online students can take advantage of the same quality education as their on-campus counterparts while pursuing a degree in education, business, management and leadership or theology. The school was founded by Quaker pioneers in 1885.

5.Liberty University – Cost: $304.00 to $342.00 per credit undergraduate tuition; $450.00 to $476.00 per credit graduate tuition; $468.00 $508.00 per credit doctoral tuition
As the largest evangelical Christian college in the world, Liberty University offers more than 45 online programs at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels, with degree tracks in business, counseling, education, nursing and seminary studies, to name just a few.

6. Grand Canyon University – Cost: $465.00 per credit undergraduate tuition; $495.00 to $550,00 per credit graduate tuition; $1,200.00 per credit MBA program tuition; $630.00 per credit doctoral tuition
This inter-denominational Christian college offers a range of degree tracks in areas of study such as business, education, health care, arts and sciences and theology.

7. Northwest Christian University – Cost: $410.00 per credit
Northwest Christian University is affiliated with the Christian Church Disciples of Christ. The school’s online students can choose to study accounting, business administration or psychology.

8. Abilene Christian University – Cost: $17,204.00 to $27,963.00 total tuition costs
Abilene Christian University offers online master’s degrees in education, conflict resolution & reconciliation, and organizational and human resources development. Abilene Christian University is affiliated with the Churches of Christ.

9. Cincinnati Christian University – Cost: $455.00 per credit
A small private college supported by the Churches of Christ, Cincinnati Christian University offers online classes through its distance-based eLearn program, enabling students to accelerate their studies by taking online coursework prior to enrolling full-time.

10. Pensacola Christian College – Cost: $540.00 per credit
Pensacola Christian College is a Southern Baptist college located in Pensacola, Florida. PCC’s distance learning program allows students to take up to 10 online courses toward their degrees, before completing their studies on campus. Distance-based coursework is available for students of theology, business administration and education.

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