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Is Ostrich Meat Healthy?

Due to the rising rates of health problems like diabetes and heart disease, many people are looking for healthier sources of diet, especially when it comes to meet. The most eaten meet in America, beef, has a high percentage of fat, and can contain a lot of calories.

Ostrich meat has now gained some popularity among nutritionists. Unlike other meat products it does not have that much cholesterol or fat. In fact it has less calories than skinless chicken and turkey! Meat lovers will also appreciate how it also has the flavor and texture of other red meats. Some even say that it has a similar taste to beef.

Ostrich meat is starting to be served in upscale restaurants in Europe and America. It can also be found in some supermarkets. Ostrich meat is also sold in convenient cuts, such as fillets and burgers, and even steaks. Ostrich meat pieces are also ideal for stir fries. Ground ostrich meat can also be used to make meatloaf.

Ostrich meat can be used in any recipe that calls for beef, turkey, lamp, or chicken. It tends to have a sweeter and richer flavor than chicken. Cooking time should also be adjusted, because it cooks faster than other meat due to its lower levels of fat. It is best to serve ostrich steaks at medium rare to medium.

Athletes who need a high protein diet can also use ostrich meat without being concerned about the fat. Studies show that ostrich sausages have 80% meat. Older people who are at risk for heart disease or have high cholesterol can also switch to ostrich meat, because of its lower levels of saturated fat.

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