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In Perfumery, What Is a Nose?

Perfumery is the art of making perfumes. This art started in the ancient times in Mesopotamia and Egypt, which was later refined in Rome and Persia. A person who creates new blends of perfumes is called a “nose”, or perfumer. Although thousands of noses exists in the world, only around 50 are recorded to be extraordinarily gifted.

A nose can be hired by a company to develop a scent for their perfume, which can stand alone or be added to soaps, shampoos and other products. Professional training is required for these noses, which can take seven or more years long. The best training for these noses is provided in Grasse, France. Other trainings for these noses can be provided while working as an apprentice. Often than not, family members pass on the skills and knowledge gained through years of experience to their successors.

Technical aspects of perfumery include issues like cost of production, marketing, scent longevity, and reactions to other substances. Chemistry is also studied as an additional training for modern noses. Interaction of scents to bodily substances like sweat and hormones is an important factor in perfumery. Psychology is another important aspect in the scent industry. Mental, emotional and psychological reactions are studied in the development of perfume blends.

The job of a nose takes a lot of hard work, discipline and passion. Intelligence and logic is used in the development of scents, as they are influenced by many factors such as compositions of the paper blotters being used, and lingering odors in the laboratory.

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