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Plott Hound Dog Breed

It is the state dog of North Carolina but is probably the least known dog breed in the United States. The Plott Hound was developed from crossing bloodhounds and curs. This medium-sized coonhound weighs from 45 to 55 pounds and stands at 20 to 24 inches. It is powerful, muscular and hardy. The skull is slightly flat, its muzzle is moderately long with flews. It has black lips and nose. The eyes are brown or hazel and rimmed with black. Its ears are hanging, broad-set and medium in length. It has webbed toes and its tail is long and set below the topline. It has a short, smooth and glossy coat with fine hairs. It is typically a single layer but there are some breeds with a double coat. Colours include solid black, brindle with black saddle, black with brindle trim and just about any shade of brindle with white around the chest and feet.

A hardworking hunter with enough stamina and endurance to pursue all day and night, the Plott Hound has been bred to hunt bears and raccoons as well as search for coyotes, wolves and wildcats. However, they make good human companions – loyal, quick to learn and good with children. The breed has a sharp and high-pitched voice that is unusual for coonhounds. They tend to slobber and drool and are susceptible to gastric torsion and twisting of the stomach as they have a tendency to eat large quantities of food at a fast pace. They can live and sleep outdoors but should be kept on a leash as they tend to wander around.

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