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Pocket Beagle Dog Breed

The Pocket Beagle is a smaller version of the standard Beagle. Originating from England it has been used as a hunting dog and has been called such because they were used to be carried around by hunters in saddle bags. It is believed that the original line of Pocket Beagles has become extinct and what is seen now is a re-creation of the breed. It stands at a height of 7 to 12 inches and weighs between 7 and 15 pounds. In terms of appearance, it bears resemblance to a small English Foxhound. It has a broad and slightly rounded skull and a straight and square-shaped muzzle. It has a black nose with full nostrils, long, wide and pendant ears, and eyes that are either brown or hazel and have a characteristic pleading expression. It has a characteristically distinct howl when on the hunt and they are sometimes referred to as “singing beagle.” Its coat is sleek and short and comes in all shades of hound colour – tri-colour, black and tan, red and white, orange and white, or lemon and white.

This scent hound is a delightful human companion as well as a brave little hunter, going under shrubs, brush and bushes for small animals such as rabbits and rodents. It is sociable, intelligent, calm in temperament and loving. They are excellent with children and with other dogs except for small non-canine pets because of their natural instinct as a hunter. They do not like being left alone and may suffer from separation anxiety when isolated from human contact. They are prone to chondroplasia which is a condition where they have warped front legs.

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