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Pomeranian Dog Breed

Developed from ancient and larger Spitz breeds, the Pomeranian got its name from the region of Pomerania which straddles Germany and Poland. It is also referred to as Zwergspitz or Toy German Spitz. The original breed was larger and worked as herding dogs. In the 1800’s Queen Victoria started breeding it down in size and it became a rage throughout England. This diminutive breed weighs between 3 to 7 pounds and stands at a height of 7 to 12 inches. Newborn Pomeranians are so tiny three of them can actually fit in one human hand. It has a wedge-shaped head and a short and fine muzzle. The eyes are almond shaped, dark and medium in size where the nose varies in colour according to the coat. The ears are small and erect, the tail is feathers and lies straight over the back. Its coat is thick and made of double layers with a long, straight and harsh topcoat and the undercoat is made of soft, thick and short hairs. Hairs are apparently longer around the neck and chest area. The colours come in a wide variety including orange, red, white, blue, brown, cream, black, wolf sable, brindle.

This versatile toy dog breed can perform tasks such as watchdog, performing tricks and feats of agility. They are intelligent, eager to learn and are good companions in the house. It has a calm temperament and an affectionate nature but they can also be independent and display a dominant streak. With proper socialization and the right training, the Pomeranian makes an excellent companion for the elderly and will not show its tendency to bark excessively and snap at strangers. 

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