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Portuguese Shepherd Dog Breed

This century-old breed also goes by the names Portuguese Shepherd Dog or the Aires Serra Shepherd Dog. A favoured companion of poor shepherds in the plains of Southern Portugal, it is said to have been descended from the Briards crossed with local mountain dogs. It has similar features to the Berger des Pyrenees and the Catalan Sheepdog but there is no evidence found to suggest similar or shared lineages. This hardy medium-sized dog weighs 26 to 40 pounds and stands between 16 to 22 inches. It has a wide, sturdy head with a broad and dark nose, tight lips with a non-overlapping bite and eyes that are round and dark, giving the dog a gentle expression. Its ears are high and wedge-shaped. It has a long and smooth coat with a little wave. The hair covers all of its legs and it has a beard. Colours come in gray, fawn, wolf, black, yellow-red or chestnut.

The Portuguese Sheepdog is a dog of happy temperament and high spirits. Bred in the rustic environment of Portugal, it was used to watch and protect all kinds of livestock and cattle. It has high energy levels, extremely devoted to their owners and eager to work and please their family. They have above average intelligence and fast to learn but tend to be independent and stubborn, especially when not given proper training. They are quick on their feet and clever - these traits combined with their quaint expression and the moustache has earned it the name “Monkey Dogs.”

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