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Posavac Hound Dog Breed

Originating from Croatia, the name can be translated to mean the Scenthound from the Sava Valley. This old hunting breed was first officially recognized by the FCI with the name Kras Posavac Basin Hound but was later changed to Posavatz Hound. It stands at a height of 17 to 23 inches and weighs between 35 to 45 pounds. Its head is long and narrow with a slightly pronounced stop and a long muzzle. The forehead is slightly domed, and the neck is muscular. The ears hang against the cheeks and are flat, thin and with rounded tips. The large eyes are dark in colour and its bushy tail is moderately long and thick at the base. It is almost always carried in saber fashion. The nose is wide and may either be black or dark chestnut in colour. Its coat is short and flat with colours of reddish-wheaten shades. There are white markings on the head, neck, chest, abdomen, lower legs and the tip of the tail.

The Posavac Hound is a fairly healthy breed that is bred for work but also makes for a good companion dog. They are very active, obedient, lively, and affectionate towards its owner and the family. They have a self-assured disposition and their sense of smell when on the hunt is topnotch. Daily exercise should be an integral part of its day otherwise they become restless and high strung. The breed also makes for a good watchdog. They can live for about 12 years. 

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