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Pros and Cons of Using Off-The-Shelf Skin Care Products

Skin care requires some experimentation, some trial and error. Everyone’s bodies respond differently to the various ingredients in skin care products. One combination of ingredients may work great for one person and cause serious skin problems in another. Fragrances are a great example of this. A fragrance may smell fantastic on one person. Yet another person can put it on and it just doesn’t smell quite right. The person’s body chemistry didn’t react as favorably with the scent as the other person’s did; same fragrance, different body chemistry.

The same is true with skin care products. Every person has a unique body chemistry. Though the products on the store shelves do have an ingredient list, the list alone may not be indicative of whether your body will positively respond to the product. No ingredient has a one size fits all guarantee. The combination and amounts of the various ingredients will determine how your specific chemical make up will react. Just because a specific ingredient is generally effective for you doesn’t mean the product itself will be. And you cannot rely on personal testimonies from other people since it won’t matter whether a product did or didn’t work for them. Their experience with a skin care product will not predict how well it will work for you.

Purchasing skin care products from store shelves can be chancy. You just don’t know if the skin care product you purchase will be worth the money you spend. Wasted money is always frustrating. After several failed attempts to find a product worth the bucks, you may be inclined to give up and just let fate and the elements decide your skin health. Unfortunately a decision like this could be the determining factor in whether you have beautiful ageless skin for many years to come or skin which presents an age far beyond what it actually is. So why would you even bother with purchasing skin care products from off the shelf?

Though it is true there are some drawbacks to using off the shelf skin care products, there are also some advantages. Making homemade skin care remedies limits the available ingredients you have to nourish and cleanse your skin. Certain ingredients just aren’t available for individual purchase by consumers. Powerful ingredients such as retinol and salicylic acid would be difficult to locate. You would have to settle for the ingredients accessible to you. Not that there aren’t plenty of natural ingredients you can use to make great skin care products. You just won’t have certain ingredients proven to be effective in maintaining beautiful skin. The off the shelf products already contain these active ingredients.

The companies who manufacture skin care products have the advantage of scientific research. Skin care companies have the money and resources to fund research. The research provides valuable information on which ingredients and combination of ingredients are effective. When you purchase a product from a store shelf, you know there was some scientific evidence that the product was effective. You are receiving the benefit of years of research and innovative scientific breakthroughs. When you purchase a skin care product off the shelves, you are buying years of experimentation and research of which you have all the benefit and none of the effort.

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