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Pudelpointer Dog Breed

Developed from a cross between the German hunting Poodle and the English Pointer, the Pudelpointer is a native of Germany. The breed was specifically created to achieve a dog that combined the best of both breeds: from the Poodle, intelligence, retrieving skills and trainability and from the Pointer its desire to hunt, excellent sense of smell and its keen pointing instincts. It has a weight range of 44 to 66 pounds and a height of 21 to 26 inches. This versatile hunting breed has a rounded skull, a long and narrow muzzle with a slightly pronounced stop. The nose is large and the ears are drop. It has a beard and a moustache as well as bushy eyebrows giving it a rough and grizzly appearance. Its coat is made of harsh, wiry and dense hairs that shed very little to none at all. Colours include liver, chestnut, and occasionally black. White markings may appear on the chest and feet.

Pudelpointers are excellent working dogs capable of covering a lot of ground and having great stamina and endurance. They are strong, fast, agile and can hunt both on land and water. As a companion they are loyal, devoted and affectionate, eager to please their owner and the family. They have a calm and even temperament while indoors but on the hunt they are relentless. They may be very protective and watchful but they are not really used as watch dogs. This is a fairly healthy breed but some may develop hip dysplasia. They have a life expectancy of about 14 years.


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