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Pumi Dog Breed

The Pumi originated from Hungary around the 17th or 18th century and was bred from the Puli as well as the German and French prick-eared sheepdogs like the Pomeranian. It weighs between 18 and 33 pounds and stands at a height of 13 to 19 inches. Its distinct features are its elongated muzzle and its alert, high-set ears with the tips bent down. It has a long and narrow head. The dark eyes are slightly oblique and have close-fitting lids. Its chest is deep and its tail is always carried high, a sign of its lively and merry temperament. The coat is medium in length, made of double layers and although thick does not form in cords like that of the Puli’s. Typical colour for the coat is gray with other acceptable colours of black, white, reddish brown or yellow brown with a darker mask.

The Pumi is a working dog that performs tasks like herding cattle, killing rats, hunting and guarding the farm. With its loud braking, it also makes for a good watchdog especially in remote areas. At home it makes for a fine companion as it is alert, cheerful, energetic and devoted to its owner and the family. They are intelligent and are quick to grasp instructions from its owner. They tend to be shy and reserved with strangers. They are not good for apartment or city dwelling and are at their happiest when given work to do. They shed little to none at all and are fairly healthy dogs.  

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