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Roman Rottweiler Dog Breed

The breed’s name comes from the place where it originated – Rottweil, Germany. It is one of the oldest herding breeds believed to have descended from Roman droving dogs and dogs of molosser line from England and the Netherlands. In old Germany, the breed was known as “Rottweiler Metzgerhund” or Butcher’s Dogs in Rottweil – a term that refers to their function of herding livestock and pulling carts of butchered meats and products to the market. The Roman Rottweiler is a recreation of the original Rottweiler, and is actually larger and taller than the standard Rottweiler. This large, powerful Mastiff breed weighs at least 120 pounds and can grow even beyond 30 inches tall. Females are shorter than the male dogs. They are heavy and robust dogs, with broad heads and deep, well-defined stops. The muzzle is full, broad and square with some wrinkling on the face. The deep set eyes are almond shaped and are typically dark. The ears are triangular shaped, pendant and set well apart. The lips are dark in colour with the lower lip pendulous and appearing with moderate flews. It is naturally bob tailed. The coat is thick and plush with colours ranging from black and tan, black and rust, black and mahogany or black and dark rust.

Roman Rottweilers are natural guard dogs and are also heavily used for police and military work. They have a high intelligence and mellow disposition with a strong willingness to work and highly protective of its owner and family. They are good companion dogs and do well in tracking, agility and obedience. 

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