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Russian Spaniel Dog Breed

Developed by crossing English Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel and other spaniel breeds, the Russian Spaniel is perhaps the youngest breed among the Russian gun dogs. This hunting breed is similar in appearance to the English Cocker Spaniel but has a longer body. It weighs from 20 to 35 pounds and stands at a height of 15 to 17.5 inches. It has a long and narrow head with pendulous, triangular-shaped ears that hang down the head and almost reach the chest. The nose is large and can either be black or dark brown depending on the coat colour. Its coat is short, tight and silky with wavy fringes of hair on both ears and legs. A variety of colours is permissible, from solids to tricolours, piebald, speckled and other combinations. Typical coat is white with dark spots and speckles. The head and ears are usually covered with dark colours.

The Russian Spaniel has been bred to retain all the qualities necessary for a gun dog: they have stamina, a keen sense of smell, energy and persistence and an innate desire to retrieve the game. They can hunt in marsh fields, woodlands and arid lands as well as on water. As a companion, the Russian Spaniel is playful, loyal and great with children. They can also be reliable watch dogs and are quite easy to train. The dog is quite devoted as a house pet, and can get along well with other dogs. They are prone to overeating especially when kept indoors as a house pet. A regular daily exercise regimen is required so they have something to expend their high level of energy on.

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