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Scottish Terrier Dog Breed

Popularly called the Scottie, this dog breed originated from Scotland in the 1700s. The Scottish Terrier was originally known as the Aberdeen Terrier, named after the town of Aberdeen in Scotland. This sturdy little dog with short legs weighs between 19 and 23 pounds and a height of 10 to 11 inches. It has a long head with a slightly domed skull. The eyes are almond shaped, small and set well apart. The ears are erect, pricked and pointed. Its muzzle is about the same length as its skull and tapers slightly to the nose. The Scottie’s hair is always groomed with longer hair on the beard, eyebrows, legs and lower part of the body, giving it a distinctive profile. Its tail is medium in length, thicker at the base and always carried straight or with a slight curve. Its topcoat is made of compact, course and wiry hairs that are as hard as bristles but the undercoat is soft. Colours include black, wheaten or brindle.

This lively little terrier has been used to hunt den animals like rabbit, otter, fox and badger. They make good watch dogs and house companions. The Scottie has a charming personality and as it grows old it becomes mature and dignified. However it has a tendency to be willful and stubborn so obedience training must be started early and must be consistent. They enjoy walks and play ball games with their human companions. They prefer cooler climates and can do well even in apartment dwelling. They can live to about 15 years.

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