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HOW TO : Screen Capturing for Beginners

What is screen-capturing?

Perhaps the first thing to cover on this subject is the definition of what screen-capturing actually is.

Screen-capturing is the process of transferring any on-screen image to your clipboard or even to a graphics file. Your computer, whether it's a Windows or Mac, has the ability to do this. Computers have keyboard commands that will allow you to capture the on-screen images of your choice.

Pretty neat, eh?

Besides your personal computer, there are also more sophisticated programs that can give you greater capabilities in capturing an on-screen image. Some of these programs allow you to grab just the text or any section that you may have interest in.

Sometimes a computer user will have to capture several screenshots a day. The fact is that in today's computer world, screenshots are the information center of the Web. This is the main reason that screen-capturing tools have become not only popular, but also extremely numerous.

So, how does one actually capture a screenshot?

Have you noticed a Print key on your keyboard and wondered what the heck it was? Maybe you even pressed it and nothing happened, so you went on to other things. The truth is that this key is very useful, and while you think nothing has happened, in actuality, the key has just captured an image and sent it to your computer's clipboard, where it will stay until you capture another screenshot.

So, if you have an interest in screen-capturing, here are a few simple step-by-step instructions on how to do the job right from your own computer.

First step is to look carefully at your keyboard and find the Print Print Screen key; press it.

Next look for an image editing program on your computer and open it.

Now find the Edit Menu; Paste is what you want.

Choose yes, if the program asks to enlarge the image.

Next go to the File menu and find the Save As option.

Click where you want to save.

Give the file a name and file type


Pretty easy, wouldn't you say?

There are different formats you can save in, but GIF format always works best when saving a screenshot. Remember that the clipboard is only temporary; make sure you paste your new screenshot into the desired program before you save something else on the clipboard. If you forget to do this, the first item will be lost.

If you are a busy and avid computer user, with many projects going on continually, and literally, at your fingertips, then the simple and easy use of screen-capturing will be a fantastic asset to your work. And please remember, there are wonderful and easy-to-use programs that have been developed just to help you accomplish incredible things in the use of your screenshots, so do not hesitate to explore these and give them a try. Your internet world will become even more enjoyable, guaranteed!

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