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Sea Isle City, New Jersey

Sea Isle City is a Jersey Shore beach town in Cape May County, New Jersey. It's year round population is about 3,000 but during the summer months the population balloons up closer to 100,000 as it is a major summer vacation attraction for the Philadelphia metro area.

Sea Isle City is situated on a barrier island in South Jersey. The island, which also contains Strathemere, is named Ludlam Island, after it's purchase by Joseph Ludlam in the 1600s.

Sea Isle City was founded in 1882 by Charles K. Landis who hoped to turn it into America's Venice with canals and waterways. Although this vision failed to become reality, the fingerprints of Charles Landis are all over the Island.

Since Sea Isle City is a beach town at the Jersey Shore, there are actually more houses than full-time residents. Most houses are held as summer vacation units which are then leased as vacation rentals or visited as second homes. Sea Isle has over 6 miles of beachfront and a 1.5 mile paved promenade. The promenade allows for roller blading, biking, walking, jogging and other recreational activities. During the summer months it also has bustling arcades, shops, restaurants and bars in the center of town.

During the fall and winter months, Sea Isle City virtually shuts down. The city's government is currently in the process of trying to create off-season events to draw more people into town and maintain a year-round economy. Some off-season events include The Polar Bear Plunge which occurs every February, Ocean Drive Marathon and St. Patrick’s Day Parade in March, Wine Tasting Festival in May, October Fest Beer Festival in October, Christmas House Tour in December and several other festive events.

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