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Segugio Italiano Dog Breed

The Segugio Italiano comes from the scenthound family and is a native of Italy. It has a unique way of hunting in that it herds the hare by making big circles around it and brings it to the hunter for the kill. “Seguire” is the Italian word meaning “to follow” and this is the basis for the breed’s name. Because of its exceptional hunting skills, the Segugio is a top choice for most Italian hunters and is recognized as one of the top ten breeds in the country. It is believed to be a very old breed descending from a long line of scenthounds as far back as ancient Egypt. It weighs between 40 and 62 pounds and stands at 19 to 23 inches in height. This lean, solid-boned and muscular breed is well proportioned both in length and width of head and body. The muzzle narrows down to a large black nose, the eyes are slightly oblique and the ears hang down to the head. There are two varieties according to coat texture: the short haired and the wire-haired. Typical colours are solid fawn or black and tan.

The Segugio is a working breed and is hardly kept as a house pet. They are very fast runners and thrive on challenges that make use of their hunting skills. They typically hunt in packs and have a distinctive, high-pitched barking noise when they have sensed the trail of the prey. Highly intelligent, they are good with children and other dogs but proper socialization needs to be started at an early age. They have a calm and dignified air about them.

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