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Shiloh Shepherd Dog Breed

The Shiloh Shepherd is a herding breed originating from New York, United States. It is a rare breed of dog meant to conform to the standards of the old and larger German Shepherds. They weigh from 80 to 130 pounds with females lighter than the male dogs. Height ranges from 28 to 30 inches. Heavy and large, the Shiloh Shepherd has a broad and strong back complemented by a broad and noble head. It has a gradually tapering muzzle that should be predominantly black. The lips are also black. Its ears are triangular in shape and carried erect. Eyes are either dark or light brown and the tail is long, slightly curved and thickly covered with hair. There are two coat varieties for the breed: the smooth coat and the plush coat. The latter is longer and comes with a mane-like growth extending to the chest. Smooth coat is made of medium length hairs that lie close to the body with longer and thicker hair growing at the neck and on the back of the legs. Colours range from solid golden, silver, red, dark brown, black sable, or bicoloured black and tan, golden tan, reddish tan.

The Shiloh Shepherd is bred for its intelligent and even temperament. Their skills include search and rescue, therapy and assistance, livestock guardian as well as watch dog. The breed makes for a good companion dog with their tremendous loyalty and protective instincts. They learn very fast and are neither shy nor dominantly aggressive. They adapt well to either hot or cold climates and love to engage in challenging and strenuous activities.

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