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Should I Have My Own Website?

In today’s information age, a website has become one of the most important business and commercial tools. A website brings in a lot of opportunities to reach new customers and establish stronger relationships with existing customers. It also allows even a small, home-run business to maintain a nationwide or even a global presence.

A website can only be very helpful to those who don’t have a company or a “business” as one traditionally defines that. For example a freelancer can use a website to display samples of work—for a writer that can mean articles (both published and non-published), for a hobbyist that can mean photos of one’s creations. A website allows them to easily showcase talents and even build a following, or simply share information about a personal passion.

People can also maintain a website as a way of connecting to loved ones. Blogs are one way of “publishing” a diary of sorts, but a website offers much more flexibility in terms of design, format, and kind of material. For example, a website allows you to categorize information (a page on all the music you love, another page on family photos, and another on articles you find personally interesting). Websites also offer more bandwidth than blogs, so you can share all the family videos from last year’s Christmas reunion without fear!

Websites are also a way for you to create a community around a topic or cause. For example, there are websites that offer support to parents who are suffering from infertility, or gather information about rare medical conditions—all run by “ordinary” people who simply felt that they had to reach out and help others.

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