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Silken Windhound Dog Breed

Originating from the United States, the Silken Windhound was developed from combining the best features of the Borzoi and the Whippet. It belongs to the sighthound family and is still considered to be a rare breed. It has a height range of 18 to 23.5 inches and weighs from 22 to 55 pounds. The Silken Windhound is an elegant looking breed with an athletic build, much like its ancestors. Everything about the breed conveys grace and beauty complemented by its excellent running ability. It has a chiseled head, a long and arched neck and a long, well-feathered tail that is carried low. It has a large nose, eyes that are small and dark and ears that are triangular in shape and folded behind the head. The front legs are long and straight, the chest and brisket are deep. The coat is moderately long and silky and comes in any combination of colours and patterns from spotted to solid, black and tan, saddled, brindle and sable, pure white and red to deep black and blue.

The Silken Windhound is skilled in the fields of agility, therapy, flyball and competitive obedience. As well they excel in racing and are good family companion dogs. Intelligent and responsive, they are quite expressive of their affection towards their owner and family and are also sociable with other dogs. However they do not make for good watch dogs even though they may alert you of a newcomer in the house, they instantly become friendly with strangers. They love to run and explore and have no trouble doing so in any weather or any terrain. There are no known genetic defects for the breed.

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