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Silky Terrier Dog Breed

This Terrier breed was developed by crossing the Yorkshire Terrier with the Australian Terrier. It originated from Australia, primarily from Sydney (it is actually originally called the Sydney Terrier and later on known as the Australian Silky Terrier in its country of origin and everywhere else except in North America). This small, fine-boned breed weighs between 8 to 11 pounds and stands at a height of 9 to 10 inches. Females are generally smaller than the males. It has a wedge-shaped head that is flat between the ears, a shallow stop and a black nose. It has small eyes that are almond shaped and dark in colour with dark rims. Ears are erect, small and V-shaped. It has straight front legs and the feet are small and catlike. Tail is high-set and typically docked. The coat is long and silky with the hair usually parted down the center of the back. Colour comes in shades of blue and tan with markings.

The Silky Terrier makes a good watchdog, a companion dog and a keen rodent hunter. They are good with children but not with small non-canine pets. Despite its size, this terrier is spunky, alert, quick and courageous. They are active and full of energy and like to dig and explore. They adjust well to traveling and welcome any chance to run around and play. They are good for apartment life but needs to go on daily walks so that it won’t get bored. It can live for about 12 to 15 years.

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